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Eye Test

At T English Opticians we are meticulous in our approach to eye care and allow a generous length of time for your eye examination. Equipped with the latest technology including an OCT scanner, great care is taken in providing a thorough check on the health and status of your eyes.

If an optical correction is necessary we will discuss your individual visual needs to ensure that the prescription satisfies your requirements. If it's spectacles, contact lenses or both our friendly team can advise you.

We pride ourselves on giving a personal service to our clients. We are a family run business, we see many clients again and again at their next scheduled eye test. This allows us to build up an excellent client relationship. This doesn't happen now in the large chains due to a high turnover of staff and no continuity of care.

Ocular Coherence Tomography is a highly advanced screening instrument allows the lower surface of the retina to be seen, facilitating early diagnosis and treatment of certain eye conditions which in turn can reduce their impact on the eyesight.

Age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and vitreous detachments are examples of conditions that can be detected with the OCT.

Quick, painless and non-invasive, it uses light waves to take a cross section of the back of the eye.

For more information about our OCT scan please click here.

An OCT scan showing the signs of retinal degeneration resulting in a hospital referral for treatment.